Axiom Verge Will Arrive On Wii U in September «

Axiom Verge Will Arrive On Wii U in September

Axiom Verge Will Arrive On Wii U in September

When I first saw Axiom Verge, I just thought it was a Metroid clone. The game didn’t impress me at all. I wasn’t excited about the game coming to Wii U either. Why do we need Axiom Verge when we have Super Metroid? Recently though, I saw another trailer of the game and thought it looked good. Maybe I was wrong about Axiom Verge. Of course, none of knew when the game was coming out for Wii U, so there was no sense in getting too excited for it. Today, that attitude changes, because the developer announced a release date! Axiom Verge is coming to the Wii U in September.

Axiom Verge will be coming to North American and European Wii U systems on September 1st! Its easy to dismiss the title as a simple Metroid clone, but there seem to be a lot of potential for the game. Axiom Verge will use the Wii U gamepad for the world map, something which would have been great on Metroid games, and also will allow off-tv play. The graphics remind me a lot of Metroid, but it is a far more detailed game than Metroid ever was on SNES or GBA. The gameplay is very Metroid like too, with a hint of Castlevania. The real question is whether the game will have its own identity or will completely rely on nostalgia.
I have never played Axiom Verge. I don’t own any of the other systems its on. For me, the Wii U version will be my first look at Axiom Verge! Will the game live up to its hype or will it end up being just the Metroid clone I once thought it was? We’ll find out soon!
What do you think of Axiom Verge? Are you looking forward to its September release?



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