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Brink Xbox 360 Review

Brink Xbox 360 Review

Brink is a very unique first-person shooter that is unlike anything we have been used to seeing before. No one has ever really accomplished creating a game with a story mode that is 8 player co-op. So right away Brink is naturally intriguing especially with how the game mechanics are set up with the 8 players being able to play the story together. You can choose between two side or two campaigns, which are both play against one another as the plot goes. There is a ton of customization in the game when it comes to your character and even your weapons.

Weeee ..One Button SMART System In Action
The game has challenges that can also be done cooperatively which become harder the more people you play it with. They are generally easier done by yourself but if you are looking for a real challenge then play them with a full party. These challenges also unlock certain things like gun attachments and such. Leveling up though is primarily how you unlock things and when I say things I mostly mean the awesome looking unique clothing as well as accessories like masks or warpaint you can customize your character with. The only thing you cannot change after you create your character are your tattoos or you facial/race type which is kind of a bummer, but gives you an excuse to make a new character. The level of customization is pretty extensive without being over whelming not to mention that no item looks alike which is where other customizable games seem to fail. Everyone looks unique unless your playing with your twin and the odds rule against that happening from the large assortment of unlockables.
Brink is kind of a Catch 22 while playing it by yourself is just an alright game, where as playing with a full team of 7 other friends with you, just against bots is way more enjoyable. Then take your team online against another set of 8 opposing players and the possibilities are endless, where anything could happen with mission ending by a second or tactics happening that you won’t see playing by yourself. The bots in the game are not very smart in fact playing on hard by yourself it is ironic how you will have a team full of idiots while the opposing bots seem to play smarter and nail with their pinpoint accuracy. The game solely reigns in co-op and its wonderful customization as I am afraid with out those aspects it not all that much of a great game. However I cannot forget the SMART system that I have never seen in a game before. The SMART system (which does stands for something), lets you run in the path you are looking regardless of any object in your way and automatically know you want to go there eliminating but not getting rid of the need for jump, strafing and among other actions. This one button system is extremely fun as it is helpful.. just hold the sprint button.

Character Customization
Now there are levels and classes in the game as well, in fact when asking a college what his favorite class was, there answer was “I don’t have one”. That response is probably due to the fact that you are constantly switching classes to complete tasks that require a certain class to move on in a level along with the fact that changing classes does not change you weapon load out or any real attributes. You will want to play as all the different classes. All of them are fun to play as with each one having different pros as cons, but not so much of the cons. There is also your level, which you really have two of. You have your general level and then you have you skill level. Your general level is literally to determine how difficult the enemies are and gives you unlocks the higher you go until you reach the maximum level of 20. Your skill level goes up to 5 and determines when you can purchase new abilities for your classes as well as overall abilities that stick with you no matter the class you are.
There are 6 levels to each campaign as well as 2 more extra ‘What-If’ levels to each campaign where you switch the role of objectives. Each map or level determines what objectives you will have to complete the finish the level. There are many ways to go about getting these objectives done between the four classes and their skills. A Soldier Class can blow a hole in the wall creating a shortcut for your team while an opposing Engineer Class can built a barrier back up to put a swift end to the shortcut provided he has the time to do so without being attacked. An Operative Class can spot enemy mines while The Medic Class can throw revive syringes to downed team-mates. The list goes own with what each class can do making it difficult to master just one especially since you can’t choose to upgrade one class only with out having to sacrifice leaving all your other classes useless. Well maybe not useless, but much less helpful in battle. Whatever your class, you can always buff the other player of yourself with your classes specialty. For instance a Soldier can give himself or team-mates extra ammo until he is out while a medic can give you extra health as well as himself, but he cannot get upped from the downed position unless of course he can purchase the level 5 skill to do so.
With Brink being a fairly short game with a medium amount of replay ability, I believe the game was an experiment that has extreme potential too add many things to the game or its sequel or even DLC. There is not much of a plot when it comes to the game which is good that it relies so heavily on the co-op aspect. That is the heart of the game and I think it will open doors for other games to come with Brink being a genre of its own. DLC could really change the game into something else as it does feel it needs something else. At the same time no one has ever done anything like this and with a full 8 vs 8 game you are sure to have fun while you mind starts thinking of different strategies to complete the objects and out smart the other team. It also a shame you can’t see yourself most of the time because my character looks freaking awesome.



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